Our Expertise


Lambertz looks back on a long tradition: in sum, our brands have a 1000-year history. No other German company has so many protected designations of origin (Nuremberg gingerbread, Aachener Printen and Dresdner Stollen) as we do.

Lambertz is one of the three largest German pastry manufacturers and is the world market leader in autumn and Christmas cookies.We pool our expertise in the confectionery market with around 4,000 highly qualified employees at our sites.

One of our goals is to develop our plants into competence centers.These include, in part, product relocations and targeted investments in the orientation of the plants to the respective core competencies.For example, our plant in Aachen is to become the competence center for dominoes.

We regularly invest in modern production facilities. For example, we have optimized the production of the end packaging of our products in terms of efficiency and improved performance through new packaging machines. In addition, we have radically reduced the packaging material.