About Us

More than 330 years ago in 1688, the history of Lambertz began when a small bakery was founded in Aachen. Today, the Lambertz brand is still closely associated with the “Aachener Printe,” but has so much more to offer.

The Lambertz assortment includes a sweet variety of seasonal and annual products that provide people with moments of pleasure all year round. Our aspiration is to constantly develop and give our best, and our goal to dynamically adapt the assortment to the changing needs of our customers. All the while we always maintain a balance between our traditional values and our will to innovate. True to the motto:

“Maintain Tradition – Live Innovation”

Presently we are featuring a selection of our finest cookies in the United States. Enjoy one of our old world traditional famous soft baked gingerbread cookies, Lebkuchen. We also feature a delicious premium line of soft baked fruit filled lemon and strawberry cookies as well as a selection of assorted Belgian chocolate covered cookies. For the health conscious we have introduced a line of healthy all natural cookies. Guten Appetit!