Corporate Responsibility

Tradition & Trust

Lambertz is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and looks back on a long tradition. For a trusting communication with the consumer our tradition, corporate identity and quality competence are important values. Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. That’s why we always want to recognize the changing needs of our customers and continually improve our products in their interests.

Innovation & Progress

In order to successfully lead our group into the future, we must adapt to the changing market requirements. We recognize market opportunities early and can react to developments in the market so quickly. Due to the ever faster progressing developments on the production side and the inventiveness of our company, we are flexible and prepared for the further expansion of the assortment by a variety of production possibilities at any time.

Social Responsibility

The Lambertz Group continues to regard its focused commitment to society as a long and medium term investment in the future.


First and foremost, we start with our employees. Because in order for us to be able to fulfill our own requirements, satisfied and qualified employees are essential. All of our employees are highly trained top professionals in their field. It is important to us that our employees make the best possible use of their skills and that, in turn, we value their contribution to the company’s success.


But we are not only involved internally: Lambertz is also actively involved in the fight for better living conditions internationally. Aid projects we support include the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and the Elton John AIDS Foundation .


An equally important and integral part of our corporate philosophy has always been the idea of sustainable management and the economical use of resources. We are very aware of our responsibility for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Raw Materials

At Lambertz, the use of sustainably produced raw materials is very important. That’s why we consistently continue our sustainable procurement policy. For example, we only use sustainable, RSPO-certified palm fat and even develop articles without palm fat.


All suppliers with whom we work are subject to strict testing criteria and must
be certified accordingly. Our internal policies ensure that we only contract companies that are actively involved in sustainability processes and improving working conditions in producer countries.

Avoidance of transport

The transports between the plants are optimized so that no empty runs occur as far as possible. In addition, Lambertz uses special space-saving transport containers for all transports, which store a maximum of products on one pallet and therefore in the truck. As a result, fewer trips are required and the CO₂ emission is reduced.

Energy saving

The goal of improving corporate efficiency is to improve energy efficiency. All German plants are integrated into an energy management system, which is certified to ISO 50001.


To avoid climate-related business trips, the management promotes telephone and video conferences between the Group’s locations. More than 95% of the internal
Communication is already paperless.